Image Rotation Goes here As long as I can remember my father has been a photographer in our small hometown of Selma, AL.  In late 2011, I came to the realization that most of his old negatives had been sitting in storage, many for as long as 30 years.  As you may already know, negatives are an analog medium, created through chemical processes and therefore deterioriate over time.  I am creating this site as a way to reunite the subjects of these pictures with these precious photos before they are lost to time and decay.  I plan to charge a small fee, in order to cover the cost of the equipment required for this project as well as the time involved to create the digital scans of the negatives and to restore them. Use the search bar below to search by last name through our negative archive.  If found, you may purchase a high-quality restored scan of all of the shots from the photo shoot in question.  You may also request that the original negatives be sent to you in addition to the scan.  More shoots are constantly added to the database, so check back often!


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